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Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum of Drama covers chronologically human presence in the prefecture of Drama from the Middle Paleolithic era (50,000 years from now), with traces of Palaeolithic hunters living in the cave Sources Aggitis until modern times (1913). The exhibition space consists of three main halls. In the first archaeological findings indicate the presence of nomadic hunters of the Middle Paleolithic
Ecclesiastical Museum
The history of the Christian church in Drama begins in the Byzantine era and knows hard times of tests in the turbulent region. From the 14th century., When noting the Ottoman conquest, until the 20th century. with successive foreign occupations, the Greek Orthodox church in Drama gave an unprecedented event, soaked in the blood of many pastors, martyrs of faith and Hellenism, and supported cloned
Museum of Natural History Paranesti
Going for a space designed with knowledge and passion, where visitors can observing TIS displays and dioramas relevant to gain a comprehensive picture of toys Habitat tns area of ​​the river Nestos tns tns Rodopis Mountains.Whether hiking or cycling equipment or a motorcycle or car, footpaths and roads Rhodope invite us. But our opportunities for adventure and discovery is not limited to classic
Fort Lisse
Fort Lisse - DRAMAAddress: Fort, 66033 K. NevrokopiOperational Hours: Requires consultation with the military units in the area.Lisse forts are just a short distance from the village of Fort and about 2 km from the town of Nevrokopi. In these forts, the Greek Army fought bravely against the German and Bulgarian divisions on 6 and 7 April 1941. Despite fierce attempts and attacks of the invaders, not